Timing System – MyLaps

Our MyLaps timing system

In early 2018 we took up the BMX Australia offer to purchase discounted MyLaps decoders for our track. We purchased a single decoder. We’ve been busy developing an application to provide useful lap time information for all BMX Australia licensed riders who have a MyLaps transponder and visit our track for gates practice, training or clubby races.

We’re not currently scoring our clubbies with transponders because not everyone has one, and we operate clubbies for all ages and skill levels as a place to learn to race. However, we do try to capture the timing data for those that do have transponders.

Sending out the data to you

We have email addresses for our Lilydale members, but we can’t easily access email addresses for riders at other clubs, so whilst we do have your name, club and transponder details in our system and you can see your results live at the track, we can’t email the results to you. So, please register below and we’ll send your data to you when we can.