Lilydale BMX club hosts major events throughout the year

Conquer the Valley

Our flagship open event often hosts 300+ riders and their supporters, sponsors and pro shops.  An alcohol and smoke free event that has a great atmosphere and is free for spectators.  See Conquer the Valley for information about this event.

Track Attack

6 tracks in 9 days.  This series happens during January and is an ideal way to round out the school holidays and prepare for racing in the coming year.  Lilydale BMX club is one of the six clubs to host Track Attack.  For more information see Track Attack.

Autumn and Spring Clubby series

A clubby is a race event run by a club primarily for the benefit of its own members, however, licensed riders from other clubs are always welcome.  Lilydale hosts two clubby series each year.  Typically our series are comprised of 6 events over 12 weeks with prizes at the end of each series.  This is a great way to learn how to race, and prepare for the larger open events.