Know your plate

One of the pleasures of racing BMX is the ability to express yourself through the equipment and colours of your bike and clothing but also your race number plate.  There are some requirements for the display of the number but other aspects of the plate can be customised to express yourself.


Typically when you first join AusCycling and the club you will be randomly assigned an available number.  If you don't have this information or wish to request a specific number contact us to discuss.

Whilst not every member of the club needs a unique number, we do try to keep them unique to simplify identification when running club events.

At other race events there is a possibility that two riders in the same class may have the same number.  Typically one rider will be asked to add a character at the end of the number for the event only.

Plate Colours

The colour of the numbers and background are specific to the class the rider is in:

Lynx Plate

We have teamed up with MAC Components to produce Lilydale Lynx designed race plates for club members.  Note that this design is not required to race with us, however it is great to see a start gate full of Lynx's!

Support your club and order your custom plate by talking to the team at any club event or contact us on contact form or messenger.

Plate Sizes

As the plates strap onto your handlebars the size will need to suit to avoid contact with the front tyre.  As a rough guide, if your bars are under 6" tall go for the JNR size otherwise the PRO.

JNR = Micro, Mini, Junior, Cruiser (depending on bar size).
PRO = Expert, Pro