Coaching Levels

Coaching is a great way for new riders to learn the basics as well as for seasoned pros to fine tune their skills.


Beginner coaching is aimed at younger children or those that have very little experience with BMX racing. Coaching focuses on:

  • Safety
  • Rider position on bike
  • Pumping basics
  • Familiarisation with gate and start hill


For those that have raced before or have some experience at the track.

  • Gate start techniques
  • Pumping skill development
  • Cornering


For the experienced racers the advanced level coaching focuses on individual goals and fine tuning of skills with a focus on:

  • Gate start optimisation
  • Manualing & jumping
  • Cornering techniques


Novice adult riders require different techniques to coach effectively. Most participants have helped and watched their children and have some understanding of the theory. Coaching helps put all this into practice. This is a new style of coaching for the club to encourage more parents to get involved in the community and has been very well received.